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j and g are brother from other mothers.

j was born 250098756 days before g

as g was born j farted and g died
david bell: i hate you

herbert: you are a J and G

david bell: what the fuck is that?!

herbert: hey chris
by nigellelus October 28, 2010
1) A couple of cool kids from Australia
2) A couple who always explains themselves as hating each other, while truly, that is a lie
3) A signature appropriate for all letters
4) A secret code, including 248
5) A term used to explain how jokes come true, more often than not
6) A way to never finish a film
7) The act of doing homework
8) A crazy speed dial number
9) Sponsor of every well written Model UN Resolution
10) Someone who will not make the other tea, no matter the demand
11) An ideal situation/relationship
1) (At the end of a letter) Love, jandg
2) Girl: Want to watch a movie?
Boy: Yeah, but we're jandg, and will never finish it.
3) Sponsors: People's Republic of China, (Taiwan), South Africa, Indonesia, jandg.
by coolcat007 April 13, 2009
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