A throwaway expression made when you're not really paying any attention and your thoughts are elsewhere.
John: Hey David, did you do the homework?

David: Izzit?
by Quiet Robert December 10, 2004
Top Definition
is it
what someone says to you when you are talking to them but they can't give a fuck about what you are talking about
"Ade you're well good at basktball"
by Bartmeister December 10, 2004
A lowlife abreviation of "is it?"
"dat chik iz hot mush"
by paul January 05, 2005
Abbreviation alot of chav teenagers use for is it? sometimes it is said when not necesary...
Man: What lesson do you have next?
Bob: Drama
Man: izzit?
by tazman September 11, 2006
A more contemporary version of innit, both are used as suffices for sentences.
"S'appnin' izzit"
"I'z good, innit"
by pushtheenvelope November 24, 2006
Izzit means "Is It", except you say it all together. It's like saying "for reals?"
someone says, "There is a giant snake outside!"
You say, "izzit?"
by jennifer July 06, 2004
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