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A throwaway expression made when you're not really paying any attention and your thoughts are elsewhere.
John: Hey David, did you do the homework?

David: Izzit?
by Quiet Robert December 10, 2004
29 11
is it
what someone says to you when you are talking to them but they can't give a fuck about what you are talking about
"Ade you're well good at basktball"
by Bartmeister December 10, 2004
39 14
A lowlife abreviation of "is it?"
"dat chik iz hot mush"
by paul January 05, 2005
20 9
Abbreviation alot of chav teenagers use for is it? sometimes it is said when not necesary...
Man: What lesson do you have next?
Bob: Drama
Man: izzit?
by tazman September 11, 2006
14 4
A more contemporary version of innit, both are used as suffices for sentences.
"S'appnin' izzit"
"I'z good, innit"
by pushtheenvelope November 24, 2006
12 6
Izzit means "Is It", except you say it all together. It's like saying "for reals?"
someone says, "There is a giant snake outside!"
You say, "izzit?"
by jennifer July 06, 2004
7 3