A contraction of "is that"
I want to have blue hair like Yumi from the Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi show....... or izzat purple?
by Johnny Garfield January 16, 2005
Top Definition
according to the Random House Dictionary, unabridged version, c. 1967, "izzat" is dignity, honour, or reputation, or social rank (especially in societies where the caste system is prevalent, such as India, Pakistan, or the United States)

derived from urdu (a language used in pakistan).
I was tempted to deck the fucker when he fired me, but I have more izzat than that.
by Wild Drunken Bill July 23, 2008
a really good boyfriend. likes to play HON (heroes of newerth)
a very flamboyant person, likes all kinds of music, but his current ring tone is Like a g6, likes to say, "whaaaaaat" when he's done or said something wrong/funny, loves to teach me new things. He may seem completely harmless but he is very scary when he's angry, when he is, remember to hold his hand, and whatever you do, do not, IGNORE HIM. He studies business, and I love him very much.
izzat shaharel likes italian BLT
by lanyczar November 19, 2010
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