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a beautiful baby, girl, women who has eyes that sparkle and a smile that makes you melt. Out going attitude, yet laid back and the life of the party. Reliable and trustworthy. A joy to be around, unforgetable. My life.
Izabel walks into a room and everyone turns and smiles.
by wildfirecfoh February 02, 2010
The most amazing, unique person you will ever meet. Irresistible. Trustworthy. Great personality. Funny. Beautiful. Wifey material. Cuff her. She can make you feel like the most important person in the world without doing a thing. She doesn't realize she's the definition of perfection, which is was makes her perfect.
I can never hate Izabel, I love her presence.
by yo6969 October 19, 2014

Stupid hoe
Little slut

Can be quite deceiving with appearance
Izabel is such a hoe but she's pretty
by wide.eyes.1234 September 13, 2015

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