"In your face" when typing to other people.

In some circles it has also been used when too lazy to say "in your face."

Can also have profanity added such as "iyff - in your f***ing face"
"I was out last night, with your girlfriend....iyf!"
by m00rb April 28, 2006
IYF stands for Iraqi Youth Foundation; a British organisation that aims to together young Iraqis from all walks of life and promote a common identity
"Today's youth, tomorrow's future"

Jonathan: "Hey Faris! Have you heard about the IYF?"

Faris: "What's that? Is that the Iraqi Youth Foundation?"

Jonathan: "Yes, they are so awesome!"

Faris: "They are indeed, Jonathan, they are indeed..."
by Ammar Fadhil November 18, 2014
Stands for;
If Your Frowning
Often used prior to giving a random

when typed it is often mistaken for a fyi typo
guy: "iyf, i like your bow :)"
girl: "you meant fyi didn't you?"
by herrowpreash! April 07, 2011
"is your friend" - a generalisation of GIYF. Follows the name of a source of information whenever Google would not actually help.
"WTF does 'IYF' mean?"
"Urban Dictionary IYF!"
"...STFU too."
by Irrelevant March 09, 2005
In your face
Wow!! Gove's resonse to Dave's behaviours was so straight forward like saying IYF
by Hulk from hull June 28, 2016
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