When someone looks androgynous, meaning they have characteristics of both male and female. they may look neither clearly masculine nor clearly feminine in appearance. Itspat when said together is a subliminal way of saying someone looks like a man and a woman at the same time. A more straight to the point word than saying aloud "what is that thing" or "is that a man or a woman?"
When someone looks like a man and a woman, because they have a beard, but clearly also have tits, you'd say "itspat."

Remember that 1994 film "it's pat"? was that a he or a she?
by rcpthenemesis December 31, 2009
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From the andryogonus character on Saturday Night Live. The character would make references leaving the audience wondering whether the person was a male or female.
Bob.."For the office party , the men will bring salads and the ladies main dishes.
Sam "And I will bring the Pepto Bismol"
Bob.."Don't give a "It's Pat"
by Venomously Beetch October 17, 2010

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