a shorter way to say italian. it is not a hate word. so fuck off you itialian haters...suck a dick
thats such a cool guy... yea...he must be an Iti
(and yes im 100% Iti)
by Martinelli2 July 14, 2006
a naturally occuring drowsy feeling that is created when a person, normally of the African-American race (although it may affect peoples of all creeds), eats a large amount of fried, salty, or fatty foods...this feeling usually causes one to sip some purple drank and take a nap
i dun ate all the KFC, the itis got me....wake me up when Cosby's on
by J O R D A N July 25, 2006
That drowsy feelin u get after a big ass meal. U usually dont want to do anything or have lost the energy to do so. Recently popularized by black people
If u go over to yo grama's house and she cooks up a good meal like she always does u would get the itis from dat.
by Andre Benjamin December 04, 2007
The heat high a marching band player experiences after completing a marching band show; usually happens and is most experienced during the fall and winter.
One marching band player to the other, after having completed a show:

Dude, I'm totally feeling this itis in my fingers
by Rashinall November 07, 2010
To counter the sarcastic use of 'isit?'. Can also be used sarcastically to show lack of interest/disapproval in something one is saying.
Dec: FarCry2 isn't that bad

Tom: Isit (disapproval sarcasm)

Dec: Itis.


Tom: Is that the one who called you a legend?

Dec: Itis
by TrueQuiche November 02, 2009
State where one feels unable to move, speak, or think after eating a large meal. Originates from the term nigger-itis, the condition whereby black women get fatter and fatter over time and seem to expand at a near constant rate.
Fuck man... I have itis.
by S-Shock April 26, 2006
the feeling of wanting to do nothing but sit on your porch and smoke a blunt and drink a 40oz
Dammn son, i gots the itis
by the officer May 09, 2006
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