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when you scratch an itchy bite and you get a really tense orgasmic feeling
i itch my leg and it feels so good i itch faster, just like sex. so we say i am having an itchgasm
#itch #orgasm #scratch #bite #sex
by lauren made a word March 07, 2009
The incredible orgasmic feeling you get when you scratch an itch you've been unable to reach.
Dude, my back has been itching for like 10 minutes and i wasn't able to reach it, but finally my girlfriend scratched it for me and I had an incredible itchgasm.
#itchgasm #itch #orgasm #scratch #itchy
by F0shee June 25, 2010
An itching orgasm; caused when you get thorny, then you must scratchsterbate, which causes you to have an itchgasm. When you get an itchgasm, you have to itch yourself so hard that you get to a point where it feels so good that you just cant stop.
Guy 1: Aw, dude, I was so thorny last night, I just had to scratchsterbate, and I had the best itchgasm. Yeah, that itch really outdid itself this time.

Guy 2: *slowly backs away*
#itchyness #scratch #gasm #thorns #bug #bites
by Spritzey the Fairy April 23, 2013
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