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Better known as the Gmail Invite Spooler, this most excellent service allows ANYONE to get a Gmail invite without having to pester random geeks and nerds on large message boards.

In a nutshell, it's a database of Gmail invites so anyone can easily get their hands on the equally innovative and totally awesome Gmail, which will probably grow to 3 gigs of inbox space per person by the end of the month.
Go to , enter your email address, and voila!

Current Gmail users can finally empty their 50 invites by scrolling down the page a bit and clicking the button (or by sending all your invites to gmail(N0SP4M)@isnoop(N0SP4M).net ).

Don't worry, your invite pool gets reset to 50 about once or twice a week, which you can then send to the Invite Spooler again! I've sent about 200-300 and plan on sending much more! Whaddya sitting here and reading this stupid definition for!? Go to and get/give some invites already!! Show your support by clicking their sponsors.
by Eric Melech April 07, 2005
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