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A black person of Carribean origins.
I can't understand a fucking word that Island Nigger is saying!
by ColdRedRain July 03, 2004
35 26
A slang word for a person of Puerto Rican descent, usually concidered offensive and/or racist.
Person 1: "What the hell smells like a mix of salsa and cheap cologne?"

Person 2: "Probably that island nigger over there selling bootlegged t-shirts."
by Cahoon Clansman February 15, 2004
38 48
A Marshallese person. They usually look pretty fucked up due to the so-called radiation exposure after we used their islands for testing. They wear flip flops and walk around playing ukuleles. Loud and EXTREMELY obnoxious. They often walk in groups of 4 up to 15, much of the time singing like they are in a cult. Often can be seen wearing identical shirts. Oh, and they all look pretty much the same and the females are very short.
Guy 1: "Hey man, did you just hear that? Sounded like singing"

Guy 2: "Ah yeah, don't mind it. Just a group of island niggers. Radiation fucked with their minds.
by DarkSideCookies April 26, 2011
12 55