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Codeword for the hottest girls in school. An ISHKA is a girl who can't walk by without going unnoticed. The girls every guy talks about. They have the nicest bodies that you know they spend quality time on. Always looking their best and in shape. Typically have a nice, round, firm buttox that men can't resist looking at. Definitely fuckable.
Dude... our school lacks ishkas.
by Mr. Ishkoo October 05, 2010
52 17
The act or state of being cool beyond comprehension. People that are considered ishkas are thought to be the most privileged on the planet as well as being all powerful. Many people believe that ishkas are only part human.
"Oh my God Milly. Have you seen Betty lately? She has gotten so totally ishka. She seriously like gives me an asthma attack when she goes by because she is so breathe taking. I would DIE to be her."
by Kimily Halsh April 16, 2006
36 27
a word that can be used universally to refer to just about anything, generally a noun.
derived from "ishka-bibble" and "ishka-badada".
1. You're such an ishka.
2. Ew! There's an ishka on my flat iron!
3. Hey, ishka. I love your life.
by Patrick Allen June 14, 2006
9 24