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Maybe/maybe not, not really sure, a little bit perhaps. Very vague. Sometimes used as a way of allaying questioning, or if just having a really monosyllabic day.

See also 'ish'
Ali: So, you feeling any better yet?
Me: Eh, ish ish
by Princess B August 26, 2006
The term ISH ISH is when someone or something is a little wierd, out of the ordinary and funny to see. Someone changing who they are in certain circumstances or wearing something they never would normally to impress or pretend they are somebody they are not. Trying to hard to impress etc or having items no one would dream of using for the purpose they are using them for.
Someone is a royalist, they even have the queen on the loo seat. royal tea towels, mugs posters the lot. thats ish ish
by tomlar November 02, 2012
A force of power that can be used to describe beating someone up or destroying them in a type of competition
"Dude, he was taking the ball up but then I hit him with the ish ish."
by KoJacK987 April 06, 2015
a word which means nothing and everything depending on how its used
Well, it was ishish
by donovancleary January 28, 2011
1. A feeling of emptiness or boredness

2. getting nowhere, in-between
girlfriend- hey how you feeling?
boyfriend- oh just ishish, you could change that
guy1- hey how are you and that girl getting along
guy2- ishish we havent really talked since that last date
by ImSidgr December 22, 2010
all, so...
its a state of how u feel


-hey wats up
-nm, ish ish
by thts voilent February 24, 2009
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