a word used to decribe an imaginary object on some one
darling youve got ish on your lip
right on your lip
sends them on para and makes them keep rubbing make sure a few people laff and point aswell
by lee_willett05 December 03, 2005
Placed after an adjective meaning "kinda," less severity of, not as much, or not as important.
1.)Evelyn.... your always so horny...ish. NOT!
2.)Ariel? Why are you always so angry or pissy ish?
by Perhaps May 26, 2008
A subject that can be added to describe anything that doesn't fyully describe the noun but does, or to express confusion.

Or, attachted to the end of a verb to describe something someone is doing badly.

Or attached to a noun to show one thing is acting like another.
"That thing is kinda...blu-ish...I think"

"I think he's swimming...-ish"

"Steve is being kinda Ken-ish today"
by Sol Surfer December 16, 2007
Incase Shit Happens .... Fairly Simple
What Do You Need That Insurance Plan? Your 21.

For I.S.H.


Incase Shit Happens.
by Derek Silvers August 22, 2005
used after any word to feel smart.
It is old...er...ish.
by Daniel P. February 14, 2004
1) Tripping the fuck out
2) A little bit of everything
3) A word that can basically replace any word
1) Hey Emma! Let's go ishing after drinking 6 cans of Monster
2) Happiness is ish
3) Screw you! Dont be ishing or bitching about this shit
by BlackPanda August 18, 2012
when someone is arrogant, self-centered and the center of the their universe.
You're so ish and full of yourself.
by jerryish October 20, 2010
A slang word for "is" used by Scene posers.
I ish sho scene i lyk3 cuppehcakesh i ish sho hardcor3!
by Xninnwndrld June 07, 2010

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