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irsa is my best friend ..
she's soo cool ...
she's laughs and screams ..
she's nachos and jamaica water ..
she's dreams and cigarrtes ..
irsa is always there ...
she's made of clouds and vanilla ..
she's a hug when i'm sad
she's a smile when i'm mad ..
irsa is everything a friend can have ..
it dosent matter if she's happy it dosent matter if she's sad ...
irsa is my best friend the only one i will ever have ....
love u irsa !!!!

wow !! u r soo cool is your name irsa ??
by nadia June 14, 2004
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- Punk Princess
- Messy
- Unstopable
- Strong
- Cute
- Friendly
"Is that the Irsa?"
"Here's Irsa!"
by oneself June 09, 2004
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the hottest girl at rutgers newark
"shyt son its irsa, hottest shorty arounddd"
by anonymous May 07, 2005
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- A little girl who never accepts how much looser she is.
- She thinks she's the best, she thinks she's the one, she thinks everyone around her sucks but her.
- She's so inmature.
- She doesn't know much english but she loves to speak it in front of anybody because she thinks she's the best!.
- She thinks everyone should be giving her all she wants.
- She's so selfish, egocentric, and terribly unfriendly when you don't do what she wants you to.
- She wants you to stop doing everything you're doing just to please her, but she won't never ever sacrifice anything to do you a favor, she's not that stupid, as she thinks you are.
- TO her eyes you are such a looser, to her eyes you are so imperfect, but she never ever looks right in to the mirror, because she hates what she sees.
- She critizises everyone, her friends, her enemies, her family, your family, your friends, your enemies, but don't you ever simply try to say something about anyone because then you would be the nastiest and lest pleasant person in the world!.
- And don't you ever forget she's so perfect.
"Is that an Irsa?"
"No Irsas allowed"
"She's so b*tch, she's an Irsa"
by colima June 15, 2004
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