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International Ragnarok Online, with a large majority of users coming from North Americe. There are four servers: Chaos and Loki, which are the two biggest, Iris, which is smaller and generally newer, and Sakray, the test server with 2x exp and drops. Some people like to complain about the bots and lag, but for the most part, they are probably little 12-year-old boys that jerk off to doujinshi.
Player 1: omg, fuck iRO, tihs lag is sooo fcking bad... omg, their r sooo many bot on this map... omg, teh GMs suck, they dont do shit...

Player 2: Dude, shut the fuck up. The lag is nowhere near as bad as in pRO or kRO, there are bots in every MMORPG, and the GMs are very professional and spell better than your trailer trash mom.

Player 1: OMGWTF???
by notmoxie July 20, 2006
International Ragnarok = LAG. The official Ragnarok Online Server, nobody where you are, you will always get lag. And dont even mind entering a town, its horrible!
Because of lag, a poring killed me. xD
Lots of wizards where doing Ice Walls in Prontera.
by Johann July 06, 2004

Derived from the epitomy of sorrow that is International Ragnarok.
Dear all user... please get off the server, we're iRO!
by SirH May 14, 2004
a mohawk (derived from iroquoise)
-Jay shaved his hair into an iro and spiked it up with cheep bear and sour cream

-Haha, what a dolt!
by Night Terror November 14, 2008
A Ragnarok Online server. Lag depends on your connections, and of course, to reduce it lower your image quality.
Horribly known because of the many bots there are. Although if they are not bots they are actually very nice.
I rather stay in a private server than in iRO... But of course... I got friends in iRO...
by realass dude October 05, 2004
The pirate alphabet. It's made of 3 letters.

"I' or "aye!" - means hello, greetings, good day.
"R" or "arrrrrrrrr" - means planning something evil, or just frustration
"O" or "ooooh!" - means I just got pwned.

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Aye, youngsters it's time to sing yer alphabet... IRO, IRO, IRO, IRO...
by UrbanPrick November 25, 2010

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