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noun, When someone says they "did the irish stew", it means they had vigorous sex with a chick then both the male and female fluids are mixed together in a cup and drank by both.
My taste buds were tingling with sensation after we did the Irish Stew.
by JHC Superstar September 04, 2004
when a drunk girl is giving you head and throws up all over your penis and balls. You then ejaculate and then the girl licks up all the throw up and cum, gargles it in her mouth, and swallows it
are you hungry honey?

no thanks dear i just had some irish stew
by gotrbne September 07, 2008
When a drunk girl is giving you head and she throws up all over your dick and then you cum in her mouth. She will then suck the throw up off of your dick and swallow the cum and barf.
Mom-"Honey are you hungry?"
Daughter-"No I'm ok, Mr.Teddoldi gave me some irish stew last night."
by Mr.Teddoldi September 02, 2008
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