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a beautiful girl, that i love her so much
IRINA nuff said =] shes super duper
and shes awesome!!!
by Nick P88 May 03, 2008
God dam sexiest woman alive. It has been said that even Brad Pitt has wet dreams of her. She is also known to have a mighty fine posterior and the sensitivist of sensitive nipples. People bow down to her and wish they were as lucky as Yuri (the lucky son of a gun).
" Dam that girl looks fine, she's almost as good as Irina"
by Yurio January 04, 2007
The one and only, supremely talented female four-square player to rock Buckland history. For male counterpart refer to Vijay
Duuuuuuuude, that girl just owned me with a black-magic play! Shes like Irina or something duuuuude.
by 4square4life August 19, 2007
A very sexy female pirate with a sharp tongue but kind eyes. Her personality is fiery and intriguing, attracting and taming the wildest of men.
He was caught by an Irina and unable to steal her booty.
by vanillatwist06 October 05, 2011
An Eastern European mother. Loves her kids and makes really good soup.
Ivan: Hey Sasha what's your mums name?
Sasha: Irina. Yours?
Ivan: Irina.
Sasha: Cool
by ElPolloDeDiablo January 03, 2015
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