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Confidently flaunts her own individuality. Has a distinct and unique personal nature.
She carries herself with so much ipsy, she’d make Victoria Beckham jealous.
by leen_217 September 09, 2012
Acronym for the phrase "I'll pimp slap you." Most commonly used online and in text messages. Often a reaction to something dumb, unrealistic or crazy. Despite it's aggressive tone, this phrase has a friendly tone when used among people familiar with each other.
Maria: "So he liked antique shopping, I didn't think he was gay!"
Jose: "Are you kidding me? IPSY!"

Jose: "I've got hoes in different area codes!"
Maria: "Different area codes? How many?"
Jose: "Four!"
Maria: "IPSY!"
by proshuffler October 08, 2008
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