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an irc idiot wannabe coder who couldn't code him/her-self out of a wet paper sack with holes in it.

Based on the name of an irc user (ipot) who was constantly insisting that everyone give him code without trying to code for himself. Has now become synonymous with all users of the same caliber.
<Joe Moron> you're all such a bunch of elitist dweebs... you don't write codez for anybody.
<Joe Moron> help me now and give me codez!
<Jane Coder> Joe, don't be such an ipot... go read the manual and /try/ to learn how to code. We won't write code /for/ you, but we /will/ help you to write your own code.
by Talisman2 March 01, 2011
Another way of saying iPod Touch. Apple's latest generation of the iPod.
Did you jailbreak your iPot yet?
by DK January 12, 2008
Watching a movie or just listing to music on the crapper.
"What! I can't hear you!! I am listing to my iPot!!!"
by Quentin_B. September 24, 2006
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