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The unattractive rubber casing used to protect Ipods from being scratched and tend to start at around $30.
Ipod condom Dialogue-

Mother: remember to always use a condom.
Son: ye, dont want to get scratched.
Mother: *makes a sick face*
#ipod #unattractive #condom #mum #mother
by Blackington September 10, 2006
The act of placing an ipod (usually ipod touch) in a plastic zip lock bag and bringing it the shower to masturbate. It helps prevents herpies and other STDs.
"Did you here what David did?!?"

"No what?"
"He he forgot an iPod Condom and electricuted the Shit out of himself."
"You mean he forgot protection"
#ipod condom #protection #masterbate #stds #herpies.
by smerigs43 September 27, 2011
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