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Ignore Post Count. Usually used in role play forums.
Female seeking onexone! IPC!
by kuquye September 01, 2008
71 10
Stands for Integrated Physics and Chemistry. A class I stupidly took as a freshman, is now no longer offered. The class was relatively interesting at some points, but now i'm being forced to take biology with a bunch of freshman while all my friends are in chemistry. It was an Easy A, considering i NEVER ONCE studied for it, but it was honestly just a complete review of middle school science.
IPC was a waste of my time
by Minecrafter_Anonymous March 15, 2011
7 17
Fags or retards that are constantly giving anal to eachother. they itch eachothers balls and choke on themselves. RAUN is the leader who gives each member a bj each day.
Raun, the fag the leads the hermaphrodite crew.
10 119