The unique super power Lebron James uses during the 4th Quarter.
Joe: Did you see Lebron James play in the NBA Finals?

Jack: Nahh bro. He used his invisibility and that's why the Heat lost.
by MastaPanda June 15, 2011
Top Definition
The power or ability to become invisible. Most frequently occurs in Fantasy or Science Fiction. However, vitally important objects that you need in Real Life are some times empowered with invisibility when you need them most desperately.
Keeborn have the power of invisibility.
by Downstrike May 23, 2004
1. A superpower thought up by many males in an attempt to achieve their utmost sexual fantasies.

2. The act of becoming unseen to the naked eye through the use of items, spells, or by paranormal reasons.

3. Not being visible.
1. Dazil: "Boy, I wish I had the power of invisibility so that I can sneak into the women's fitting rooms to peek on them!"

2. The ability of Harry Potter's invisibility cloak. When no one is under it, it's visible. When it is covering someone's body, it grants invisibility for no apparent explanation except for the fact it's magic.

3. "You are a ghost Fisher, be nothing more than a Splinter Cell."
by Ralph G. May 27, 2008
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