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sex position in which a very classy and independent women lies on her perfectly sculpted stomach. Then her tall dark and handsome man places his unerect penis insider of her luscious ass. The man must then lie there as he waits for his penis to become hard (grow like a flower in an upside down pot). But wait there's more. Every hour a group of five or so men (can be affiliated with the party having intercourse) must enter into the room, naked, in a circle and jack off onto the girl's ass in order too "water the plant." This technique is over when the man engaging in sex ejaculates into the girls bum
Chris- Hope you have fun tonight!
Emily- Yeah me and my boyfriend are trying the inverted flower pot technique!

2 years later

Chris- Where have you been???
Emily- We were doing the inverted flower pot, I told you that?
...... Chris- How was it then??
Emily- It was amazing, it was some of the best sex i ever had!
Chris- Really? I heard that it was boring?
Emily- It was, but trust me it was so worth it.
Chris- Were you having sex this whole time?
Emily- Well you see a normal "plant" takes about 6 months to 50 years to grow so the fact that it only took 2 years for him to finish is so fast!! I think it has to do with all the "water" we got from our friends but who knows.
by Wuddy #15 October 17, 2011
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