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The japanese art of growing dwarfed, ornamentally shaped trees or shrubs in small shallow pots or trays.
My flower pot has a tree in it, a bonsai tree.
by Louis Waweru December 05, 2003
A person with too much pubic hair.
Dude, that girl needs to trim her bonsai tree.
by Sarmen Sinanian April 11, 2006
The term is used to describe the penis of a wild asian man with excessive pubic hair on his pelvis and scrotum. Usually spotted frequenting dance clubs (commonly in china town), Bonsai Trees are rare and mostly found sprouting from glory holes. Lord, have mercy upon the unwary souls who encounter these individuals.
1. "Oh my god, look at Jacky Chan's wicked Bonsai Tree!"
2. "Nigguh I wuz in 'duh club and some Bruce Lee started tugging at his nunchucks. Next thing I know, he's reppin' a full Bonsai!"
3. "嘿,宝贝,漂亮的盆景树 " Ching Chang Chong
by The Mayng March 05, 2014

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