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(1) Refers to how a "perpetually horny" guy thinks whenever a fellow bachelor verbally acquaints him with an attractive lady; the sex-hungry stud interprets this casual INTRODUCTION as an OFFER to him to take the gal to bed.
(2) How a girl's spread-eagled legs are interpreted by her significant other or by anyone else of "opportunistic mindset" who happens to be within sight of her --- the unaware gal may have simply been stretching sleepily, getting comfortable while squatting/sitting flat, or otherwise merely performing a casual and "innocent" action, with no intention of trying to "solicit" herself, but any horny guy in the vicinity will automatically view the girl's crotch-baring action as an OFFER for him to INTRODUCE that portion of HIS "equipment" that resides between his OWN legs.
Clueless dude: I never know which “signal” my girlfriend is sending when I happen to see her lying back with her legs spread --- I can't tell if she's making me an introductory offer, or if she is merely “airing herself out” during hot weather or after a shower.
by QuacksO August 19, 2013
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