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A word used to describe something that is:

A) Interesting and was found on the internet.

B) An interesting piece of information that pertains to the internet in some way.
A) Jiminey: "This video of a talking cat I found is super internetsting!"

Hans: "You're a fucking dork."

B) Stefan: "I can check my e-mail on my I-Phone! Isn't that internetsting?"

Mugger: "Shut up and give me the phone and your wallet, dork."
by Joe with the face February 07, 2007
Something interesting you find while searching the internet
alig: i found the best article the other night it was so internetsting
by February 14, 2010
noun - Law enforcement operative using police decoys to catch suspects of pedophilia and other internet related crimes against minors.
"Based on an internet sting, local police arrested two men attempting to have sex with a minor."
by Sandra S.N. March 20, 2007
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