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"Internet Trash" is a derogatory slang term referring to internet users with apparent moral failings. The term suggests that the user has difficulty functioning on family friendly or professional websites, often associated with the Internet Fuckwad Theory. Those described as Internet Trash are often seen as untrustworthy because they may be criminals, drama llamas, bigots or lacking respect for authority.
Person 1: Did you see that thread in the general discussion section? Who finds shitposting that fun?

Person 2: Internet trash does, I guess.

Person A: That discussion thread in the debate section sure got heated fast. Why does everyone have to get so nasty and passive aggressive?

Person B: They're internet trash. They can only see arguments in black and white, where black is their opinion and white is everyone who is wrong.
by Crotchety Olde Man October 09, 2015
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