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Adj (inn-teh-pik): To be described as both intense and epic simultaneously. Characterised by, transcending the ordinary, godlike proportions, a powerful essence of the highest degree, profoundly enlightening.

Can be ascribed to: objects, people, places, times, ideas
'Those medieval tapestries were intepic'
'The piano concerto was intepic'
'That movie was intepic'
'That pub crawl was intepic'
'His penis was intepic'

'Intepisation' : the process by which society transitions from the mundane to the extraordinary.
'Intepism': an understanding of the inherent connection with the self and 'nature', the relative value of intellectual capacity, harmonious human interaction guided by a system of reason and enlightenment.
'Intepocracy': a system of regulation based on the ideals of intepism.
'Intepist' :A proponent of Intepism
by David Attenbruz April 14, 2009
the best of both words. more intense than "epic" and more epic than "intense"

that about sums it up.

credit due to: Twinity Tweens
Sukey: "Aaahh, Ukranian guys!"
Bettye: "They are so intepic!"
by purpleturtles December 05, 2011
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