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the best of both words. more intense than "epic" and more epic than "intense"

that about sums it up.

credit due to: Twinity Tweens
Sukey: "Aaahh, Ukranian guys!"
Bettye: "They are so intepic!"
by purpleturtles December 05, 2011
Historically the number half-way between 8 and 9.

Over time, flugy lost it's rights as a number. The reason is not known.

Recently, flugy has become synonymous with "half-way" or, "half-wit."
Old definition:

"Count to 10."

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, flugy, nine, ten."

New definition:

"All the guys in our class are flugy."

"Sometimes I think you are so flugy."
by purpleturtles November 06, 2011
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