to experience a feeling of intense pleasure, similar to that of a sexual rush, when partaking in an intellectual endeavor
Intellexual is the feeling you get...When you pwn using big words, and intellectual concepts that stupid people don't understand and you feel a rush similar to an orgasm.
by mr&mrs.sammer September 27, 2011
Top Definition
Adj. 1. Appealing to or engaging the intellect in a sexual way. Intellexual pursuits.
2. Possessing or showing intellect and sexiness, especially to a high degree. Intellexual person.

N. 1. A person of superior intellect and sexuality.
2. A person who places high value in ensuring intellect is utilized to sexually excite others.

3. A person who engages in the academic study of the role of intellect in sexual pleasure.
The two had such a strong intellexual connection that smart conversation elicited as much desire as contact.
by lauri lea December 22, 2009
The type of relationship shared between two acquaintances who enjoy sharing stimulating intellectual discussions to the point of simultaneous Intellectual Orgasm.
Jeremy: "John and I had a marvellous discussion on Consequentialism last night, we both had an Intellectual Orgasm."
Henry: "What are you, gay?"
Jeremy: "No, we are Intellexual."
by ChodoGaggins April 26, 2010
How you spell intellectual if you're not intellectual.
Austin: Man, Michael is so intellexual!
Adrian: That's intellectual you dumbshit.
by TbcGames July 05, 2013
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