The term 'intellectually juvenile' politely describes someone who is unintelligent, unwise or just not the 'sharpest knife in the drawer'.

The term 'intellectually juvenile' applies to a person, or group of people, who are not as developed in their thinking as they should be for their age, education, experience, geographical location, social environment, etc.

Background: Most of the people who are constantly calling other people 'stupid' are well known to be 'not-so-bright-themselves', and thus the word 'stupid' has lost its credibility and power as a descriptive term. The word 'stupid' is overused, low brow and passé.


Jim: Glenn! Did you just call me stupid !?!

Glenn: No, Jim. However, I most certainly implied that you are 'intellectually juvenile'. (said while smiling and in a nice tone)


Jim: OK! I thought you were calling me stupid, and, I was about to get very upset. Sorry.

Glenn: That's OK Jim. Most 'intellectually juvenile' people are blissfully unaware when a person calls them out on their errors, nonsense and lies, and they are generally oblivious when a sentient uses accurate, basic and descriptive words to describe 'intellectually juvenile' people to themselves.


Jim: You are a great friend, Glenn!

Glenn: I know. (smiling that smile he is well known for)
by GlennyJ November 20, 2013

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