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Star Trek: Insurrection - the movie that ended the franchise. The biggest disappointment in Star Trek history. Turned away all the fans that still believed after Star Trek: First Contact. After this, nobody even bothered with Star Trek: Nemesis.
Star Trek: Insurrection, was even a bigger disappointment than the Star Wars prequels.
by Robert Shawn January 07, 2004
To punch someone's erection in so it goes into their body.
John was talking a ton of shit and just being generally annoying so I gave the son-of-a-bitch an insurrection.
by clamum March 28, 2005
What happens to your penis and scrotum when you jump into a cold pool, bathtub, or bucket of ice.
Tim: Gary, why won't you jump in the ice pond?

Gary: Because I feel the insurrection is eminent.
by Gafa Gafa June 18, 2011
a kick ass band that will rock your fucking socks off. yeah. thats right.
dude, insurrection fucking kicked last night.
by Mike Samuels (not really) April 08, 2005