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1. In video games, to kill an opponent in a single shot or blow, regardless of health or defense. Most commonly, this refers to the player killing an opponent with this method or vice versa, but may also occur due to a passive hazard the player comes in contact with.


1. A form of attack that instakills an opponent. Also referred to as an "instakill attack" or "instakill move."

2. A death caused by an instakill attack.


1. An object or attack that has the ability to instakill.

1. The lava on Super Mario 3 instakills you if you so much as touch it.


1. It's impossible to beat that endboss without cheating because every attack he does is an instakill!

2. If you can shoot someone in the head with that sniper rifle, it's an instakill.


1. The Golden Gun might have only one shot, but it fires instakill bullets.
by reese456 May 06, 2010
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Prepare to die you meatsacks!
by xXSlyFoxHoundXx May 31, 2011
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More dangerous than a kill.this type of kill wont even let your brain process your dieing or the pain.before you can even say a word or blink your eye,or a spec of dust lands on your shitty are dead.
Kevin - Did you hear of that old lady across the street?

Devon - Yeah.Insta kill.
by Dottor_converse February 19, 2009
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