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Someone who thinks their gothic because they wear black lipstic and wear hottopic clothes.
Sk8ErChk: LyKe OmG! HoTtOpIc HaD tHe CuTeSt PaIr Of BoNdAgE pAnTs EvEr! *FaInT*

by Satan October 31, 2003
Insta-goth is when someone who wears things like jeans and shirts from stores like wal-mart, and other stores of the mainstream likes, and goes into a store like hot topic and come out a completely different person, and completely different in dress. This is also known as Mall goth, but just because you wear things like tripp doesn't always make you a Mall goth, Hot topic isn't a poser store, it just happens that alot of posers tend to shop there.
BOB: dude, that guy just went in there and came out completely different.

Frank:leave him alone, he is probably an Insta-Goth.
by Cybrax September 25, 2009
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