An inside the park home run is incest.
When Cletus told us he'd scored an inside the park home run, we knew his sister "Ugly Jane" had lost her virginity.
by scodder May 16, 2010
Top Definition
Masturbating or because of the inability to get a girl in bed masturbate instead
Guy1: Has Ron ever gotten around the bases

Guy2: No but he hits inside the park homeruns everyday
by HitlerJesus April 27, 2010
Having sexual relations in the bathroom of a bar. Called the inside the park home run because you're hooking up right there and then in the bar, whilst saving yourself the trouble of traveling to the others domicile.
"Damn! Did you hear Jerry hit an inside the park home run with that chick he just met over there on the dance floor?!"
by Trouserboy69 April 13, 2009
The baseball themed innuendo equivalent to rape.
Bro #1: "Dude I totally ended last night with an Inside-the-park Home run."
Bro #2: "Isn't that illegal?"
Bro #1: "Not when the catcher's drunk!"
Bro #2: "Chyeah, brah!"
by heyguyzzz January 26, 2011
When the chick you initially thought would ask you to pull out allows you to jizz inside her.

Oh yeahhhh...last night her Ludwig was so tight and I even hit an inside the park home run!
by danman1202 July 10, 2008
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