Insecurity:Process by which couples, from either the male or female side, begin to deteriorate due lack of trust and or mistreatment.
Relationships often go under changes that put stress on one person in the relationship causing said insecurity.
by Austin McCalister-Jones November 29, 2006
Top Definition
A feeling affecting many people in society. Often spawns sluts, attention whoring, and controlling boyfriends. To blame for many of the problems in society.
Rob's constant homophobic jokes reveals his insecurity in his manhood.
by David M. Kennedy July 25, 2006
the trouble girls have today in the modern world and all the things they hate about themselves and feel judged about. demons.
"Girls are really full of insecurities and hate themselves."
"I know dude."
by Insecure Girl February 08, 2012
The state you are in when you constantly ask people if they are ok,just because you are not ok yourself.
Everyone went mad because of the insecurity of people they knew.
by SomeoneNew March 07, 2012
Something that almost everyone is because of the stupid standards society expects us to live up to
Insecurity: Insecure about being short and fat because society doesn't accept that
by NerdGirl May 11, 2015

1.) The need for constant "hugs" from your internet chatroom "friends"

2.) Thinking the more "s's" you get in HUGSSSSSSS mean the giver cares more about you.
~Cyclops~: bye bye Chic'n lixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and hugssssssssss

Wonder!Who!: hey BOD hugssssssssssssssssssssssssss
BOD: hugsssssssssssssssssssssss
by Shepherd November 11, 2003
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