Theasaurus: Innit; anno/anna; onno: The three ways to say innit.
1.innit - the most common mainly from the cockney regions spreading to most main cities south of the uk.

Anno/anna - the northerners (geordies and scotts) way of saying..

Onno can be used by niggers or wiggers.
1. We off to this rave then innit.

2. Need to do my makeup anno/anna.

3. Onno blad!
by henri_x_lloyd August 21, 2005
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aren't you
you're the gangsta innit
by yeti April 11, 2003
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English word meaning: "Isn't it?" or "Is it not?"
EX when someone is asking if they are in something

"I think I'm in it, innit"?
by Zoomage November 08, 2016
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Contraction of isn't it.

Thought most famously used by -- so far as the writer understands -- "gangsta" English types, it's also used by Americans, though there is sometimes a tendency for it to sound more like "idnit", which might actually be worse because it's like...where'd the "d" come from?
"Innit/idnit time for you to go to work?"

"Dude, that is kinda bad, innit/idnit?"
by Foofy McTesticlites July 05, 2006
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when you are in on a new trend.
Refer to british slang.
"wow, those shoes are so innit!"
by DemonicDuckii May 11, 2009
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