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A derivative of "is it not", or more directly "isn't it". Often used at the end of a statement or word to give it emphasis, and simultaneously invite agreement.
"cool, innit"
by Rambo August 21, 2003
266 128
when you are in on a new trend.
Refer to british slang.
"wow, those shoes are so innit!"
by DemonicDuckii May 11, 2009
1 7
only idiots stick it at the end of a word for no reason, using it as contraction of 'isn't it' is fine. just like northerners say 'intit' or whatever.
"That's your mum innit?"

"This is my mum innit"
(note lack of, and no need for, question mark)
by trevor May 08, 2004
19 27
Theasaurus: Innit; anno/anna; onno: The three ways to say innit.
1.innit - the most common mainly from the cockney regions spreading to most main cities south of the uk.

Anno/anna - the northerners (geordies and scotts) way of saying..

Onno can be used by niggers or wiggers.
1. We off to this rave then innit.

2. Need to do my makeup anno/anna.

3. Onno blad!
by henri_x_lloyd August 21, 2005
11 25
aren't you
you're the gangsta innit
by yeti April 11, 2003
11 28