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The inauguration of a prominent black person. Also known as the second greatest day in modern black history since OJ was acquitted the first time.
January 20, 2009 is inniggeration day.
by ohblackbama bambalam November 05, 2008
when a black president is inaugurated into office.
january 20 2009 will be the first inniggeration for the USA!
by jesusgodklan January 15, 2009
A political ceremony much like the Inauguration, however it is to celebrate a black president.
Did you watch the Inniggeration yesterday?
by koolaidblasts January 22, 2009
the day that a black person gets innagurated. in this case Barack Obama was inniggerated.
Yesterday I went to the inniggeration.
by roxybabejr93 January 21, 2009
An event where a nigger is sworn an oath to be President.
There was only a few niggers at obamas Inniggeration.
by munior jint January 17, 2013
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