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Word ugly people use to describe themselves and one another
So what you look like a truck, you're have inner beauty.
by Wardo November 07, 2003
9 164
pussy, vagina, a womans womanly bits, gooly bits, flappy bits of skin a woman carries on the lower part of her body used mainly in sex, fanny
i want 2 lick ure inner
by poo face mcwilly March 26, 2005
150 28
pussy. womans womanly bits. fanny
i want 2 tickle ure inner
by poo face mcwilly March 26, 2005
161 41
in-ner-ss : boobs that are so flat, they reciede into the body
Carly's brothers Keith and Kevin punched in her barbie dolls boobs so that they were inners.
by MikeISAWESOME October 14, 2007
3 2
some one being nosey and in your business
"Why you so inner"
by Voltige K-I-D June 10, 2004
59 149
a total fuckhead
you what an inner
by sam August 31, 2003
8 162