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Pen, writing impliment. Used instead of the word "pen" in order to make it sound more technical and complicated, even though it's just a pen.
Darnell: Yo, let me see that inkpen so I can write this bitch a check.

Jane: Inkpen? You mean a PEN?

Darnell: Don't be stupit, gimme that inkpen. Yeah, PEN!

Jane: Why not just call it a pen?

Darnell: Keepin' it real. Bitch.

this is just a joke example
by Louis White December 10, 2007
15 2
The process of constant pulling and strain on the penis. The result is the snapping of the urethra, which causes it to extrude externally.
by AkkiAssassin April 18, 2011
5 2
A reverse pink sock where your urethra comes out of your genitals through the hard expulsion of urine
Bill: Dang man i peed so hard I ink penned
Charlie: Eww bro thats nasty
by Dr. Trejo April 05, 2011
5 3