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Pen, writing impliment. Used instead of the word "pen" in order to make it sound more technical and complicated, even though it's just a pen.
Darnell: Yo, let me see that inkpen so I can write this bitch a check.

Jane: Inkpen? You mean a PEN?

Darnell: Don't be stupit, gimme that inkpen. Yeah, PEN!

Jane: Why not just call it a pen?

Darnell: Keepin' it real. Bitch.

this is just a joke example
by Louis White December 10, 2007
The process of constant pulling and strain on the penis. The result is the snapping of the urethra, which causes it to extrude externally.
by AkkiAssassin April 18, 2011
A reverse pink sock where your urethra comes out of your genitals through the hard expulsion of urine
Bill: Dang man i peed so hard I ink penned
Charlie: Eww bro thats nasty
by Dr. Trejo April 05, 2011
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