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The biggest number known to all mankind. Very useful when dealing with friends that think that they can out do anyone with saying infinity infinity plus two to the guy who thinks that infinity plus one is the biggest number. May be the answer to all existing problems.
infinity plus three put to use in a normal everyday occurence:

Sally: did you know that kazillion is the biggest number ever?
Joe: Nu-uh, infinity is!
Sally: Kazillion!
Steve: As a matter of fact, it's infinity plus one!
Joe: There's no such thing!
Bob Saget: You're all wrong, the world's biggest number is infinity plus TWO!
Sally: KAZILLION! (dies from heart attack)
Joe: (Asks Bob Saget for autograph)
Steve: (confused)
God: Foolish humans, the world's biggest number is of course, INFINTY(pause) PLUS (pause) THREE!
Sally: (twitching with last remnants of life)
Joe: (shoves Bob Sagot autograph down Sally's throat)
Steve: (kicks Sally's head checking if she's alive)
Bob Sagot: (Slaps his knee) Wouldn't this be even funnier it were on Americas Funniest Home Videos?
God: Yes.

by It's true October 29, 2007
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