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A belief that in one way or another you are always inferior ot others, usually on a physical attribute. This prevents oen from ascending Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
He holds an inferiority complex against himself because he is 5'6".

She has an inferiority complex about her small breasts.
by Kung-fu Jesus June 24, 2004
The perception that one is inferior compared to others. Usually developing from conflict between the desire to be noticed and the fear of being humiliated.
My friend Tiff C. has had an inferiority complex, as she always looks down upon herself when talking to or about our other friends.
by Tso Azn April 28, 2008
An inferiority complex, in the fields of psychology and psychoanalysis, is a feeling that one is inferior to others in some way. Such feelings can arise from an imagined or actual inferiority in the afflicted person.
An inferiority complex would be a blessing, if only the right people had it. ~ Alan Reed

Inferiority is what you enjoy in your best friends. ~ Lord Chesterfield
by xion1187 December 31, 2010
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