agent smith's favorite word
"It is inevitable, mr anderson"
"not impossible, inevitable"
by neo November 14, 2003
Top Definition
Inevitable means that something is ultimatley going to happen, and theres no way out of it.
My period is coming. its Inevitable.
by bruntanng November 07, 2005
Something that is bound to happen.
Impossible to avoid.
Eventually going to happen.
Death is inevitable, everything must eventually come to an end.
by AGasp April 24, 2008
Something that everyone knows is going to happen, without a doubt.
Something that is definately something.
Fred: Ryan, stop touchin' my thighs like that you jackass!
Jordan: Man are you gay!?
Fred: That's inevitable.
Ryan: You guys are always bullying me like some wasted fucktards.

( He goes and cries in his room )
Fred: Told you blud.
by WeasleyKing July 13, 2009
A person posessing qualities that make them a good choice to ask or invite to a party.
Bob is very inevitable, why don't you invite him to the party?
by lisa_urban May 18, 2008
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