The best type of music that was ever created. If you like dark wave and techno, here you go.
"Wow, nine inch nails are soooo good."

fucking bastard...that isn't even REAL industrial. Try VNV Nation, Seabound, Cosmicity...or something else.
by delirium of joy May 22, 2003
Highly cool, in a macho kind of way; manly.
You got Fifi in the sack?! You're industrial, dude!
by Da Hawk September 07, 2004
A form of music that combines Rock, Techno, Metal & various other music musical elements. Most bands use of samples from tv shows/movies/other media, dance beats/drum machines and misc sounds are modified. Most if it has some form of distortion. Very few Industrial bands are extremely or over produced.
Basically a very unique form of music that is enjoyable on cd and really enjoyable live.
Chemlab, Coil (abstract crazy sound crap), Foetus (not that good but unique), Front 242 (Only good live), KMFDM (hardest working Industrial band in the business), Marilyn Manson (used to be good/entertaining initially) Ministry (Good on CD but great live), NIN (most famous Industrial band that should wise up and tour with other Industrial bands instead of crappy rock bands), PIG (Almost Everything Raymond Watts works on is great), Pop Will Eat Itself, Schaft (another Raymond Watts project), Schwein (another Raymond Watts project), Type O Negative
by <PIG> November 16, 2005
Form of electronica; rock guitars mixed with synths. Varying rhythms. Most often dark and intimidating.
KMFDM and MDFMK (only the songs with Sascha K) is the best example of industrial, though there are many good ones. The songs Rabblerouser by MDFMK or Waste by KMFDM are key to understanding the sound.
by Black Sunshine July 30, 2003
1.Style of music wich is a basic mix of eletronica/techno with rock
Yo dat i heard dat new KMFDM cd is s0x0red, NO YOU FUCKING SUCK! Skinny Puppy rules you whore bag!!! DIE STUPID DUCK MAN DIE!!!!...nuff said
by Pete Zahut March 26, 2003
A style of music which started in the mid to late 70s, which could be described as synth-based metal. Killing Joke are said to be one of the pioneer bands in the genre. Ministry and Nine Inch Nails are often labelled 'Industrial' as well. Popular in goth culture.
Killing Joke, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails
by Susan Blu January 05, 2004
a fashion or style that involves wearing grey, white, orange, yellow or black clothes with many accessories such as excess belts, zippers and chains. the result of this can often lead to looking like a video game character, where one would just be labled RPG
<dude that outfit is friggin\'d u come up with it?>

< eh, got the cool hooded polo from Ecko, the grey and orange cargo shorts from Wearfirst , the belts from hot topic and the jacket from Ecko as well..>

i dono, stfu its hard to explain.
by romano April 26, 2005

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