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Indeed, i concur, please do not say that again, why are you doing this to me, i hate British people.
"Is London just a few miles ahead?"
by Kirk Nguyen June 07, 2003
A word used in conjunction with, or in the place of the following words: yes, of course, sure.
In place of yes: Q. Are you going to the party at the TEP house tonight? A. Indubidibly
In place of of course: Q. Will you be hanging out with the bretherin this evening? A. Indubidibly
In place of sure: Q. Do you wish to take a ride with me to obtain a delicious meal of Taco Bell or Chipolte? A. Indubidibly
by Lou Chorney May 13, 2008
an excuse of a word when you have run out of other smart words
Person 1: "aw man he got me with the word INCRASSATE!"
Person 2: "you can still win, use uh umm INDUBIDIBLY"
by anniedaballer June 19, 2006