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An Indiemex is a mexican Guy Or Female that has somehow merged into the Indie scene. He/She listens to the same Music as the rest of the indie kids but is somewhat Intimidating do to His/her Ideas And Actions Every Now And Then You will Find a Group With an Indiemex the Indie kids enjoy having them around because of the "I dont Give a fuck" personalities.
Indie kid: "I cant believe that Emo fuck just keyed emily's car"
Indiemex: "Dont Worry, I just busted out his windows and left him a flyer for next weeks show"
Indie kid: "Fuck i Forgot to tell you that show was cancelled"
Indiemex: "Fuck it!, that was the only flyer i had anyway i lost the rest of them"
by Finnie Saunders November 25, 2006
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