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a very skilled oral sex technique preformed by Naomi (that's i moan backwards) on Belinda (or vis versa) at super sex in Montreal. The tounge vibrates on the clit at a extreme speed, as if it were the wings on a humming bird.
"Boys watch this, this is called the humming-bird."
"Holy shit how do you get your tounge to go that fast, i got to practice that."
by clover April 08, 2003
People with their own style, particularly one that is criticized by others. They generally like Indie Rock music, and wear a lot of little kid's jewellery. They like to wear obscure things like coloured tights, fairy wings and things that are either far too big or far too small. They have or want wacky hairstyles and the second something goes out of fashion they claim it as their own. They rock!
FAMOUS EXAMPLES: Brian Molko (Placebo), Scissor Sisters.
by clover December 20, 2004
When a rotten ass makes a klown of himself
"That was wrong, assklown!"
by Clover February 25, 2003
when trogdor has the power to burn-inate
trogdor ate all the town people so he was able to burninate the town
by clover April 07, 2003
the cross between a goon and an umpa lumpa
that kid eliot, what a fucking goompa. Because he is tough when he does not need to be...and he is an ugly fucker.
by clover April 07, 2003
a college in Shcen-who the fuck knows how to write the rest of the fucking city.
yo there is so much snow around, it is cold, and poor people all over, despite that i am rich, i must be at union college
by clover April 07, 2003
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