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A disease that one can be diagnosed with having if they exhibit the following behaviors:

1:persistent laziness, the lack of effort to do anything.

2:freeloading off tax-payers via welfare, medicare, etc.

3:constantly making excuses for not doing things they are supposed to be doing.

4:selling/ trading food stamps for drugs/ alcohol or cash to buy drugs/ alcohol.
Dude that guy has a bad case of indianitis, I heard he lets people use his food stamp card for pills.
by MMuir January 26, 2011
When someone begins to steal and can't stop.

Someones steals and they like it so they continue to steal...just like indians.

-- Indians steal others belongings.
Holy shit man i got a bad case of indianitis!

Hey buddie you get rid of your indianitis yet?
by Indianitis July 19, 2010
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