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A contraction of the words inadvertent and confession. A statement presented as factual that reveals a characteristic of the speaker, since the assertion can only be based on personal experience. An example of inadfessions is evident in the following exchange. Male A: Men masturbate all the time. There is no way women could possibly masturbate more than men. Female B: Women masturbate at least as much as men. Male A: Men masturbate four times a day. Female A: Women do it 10 times a day and can do it at their work cubicle without anyone noticing. In the preceding example Male A concedes in effect that he masturbates four times a day. Female A states in effect that she masturbates 10 times a day and from time-to-time does so at the work place.
Louisa made quite the inadfession when she asserted that “women” like their partners to gently caress their clitoris with the thumb while aggressively banging them with their index and middle fingers.
by Truckdriver December 30, 2009
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